Working On It…

Since signing up to do the Artscape exhibit in November, I had been busy sketching ideas and ‘what not’ for this collection, but seems to be running on fumes. I always get like that before a storm of ideas come flooding in. I call that… ‘process‘.


The weird thing is, doing a collection about my city is the opposite of everything about me as an artist. If you had seen the gallery page, you can see that I am not much for ‘pretty’. I like thought-provoking, emotion-stirring, discussion-opening, types of pieces (the ‘Unborn‘ piece has garnered such, even though it was just a simple painting). Coming up with ideas for “This City: A Photography & Mixed Media Exhibit” has been daunting.


Toronto, you are my beast!

Inspire Me!


This City: A Photography & Mixed Media Exhibit will be presented at the Artscape Triangle Gallery on Nov. 3rd, 2012. Reception starts at 6:30 to 11:00pm. Save the date now! More details on Facebook.

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