Paint Shopping


I was painting this morning in preparation for the upcoming exhibit in November and I ran out of paint. Yes, it is possible. I don’t keep tubes of paint around for these “just in case” coz they tend to dry up on me; probably from my bad habit of leaving them uncapped. So I went to the art store and got myself a set. I don’t usually buy sets; I buy single tubes and mix my colours on my own to produce the hue I want, but I thought I’d give a “set” a try.

So far, I have used three colours and got the colours I needed by mixing those. The reason why I started buying singles when I was in school was for this very same reason – the rest of the paint tubes in the set will likely never be used. Lesson learned. Maybe I will try to kill that old habit and use the pre-mis colours in this acrylic set. Who knows what kind of piece I come up with.


PS. This is also the first time I am using this brand…so far, so good.

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