Acrylic on Birch Panel
3 September 2012

This won’t be part of the collection I will be exhibiting in November but I need something to include in the press kit. Wait. Maybe I will. Depends on what the rest of the collection turns out to be. If it belongs, I will include it. If it does not, then I won’t. This is the hard part about curating your own work; it’s hard to pick and choose.

This is it for now. Its a small painting and I learned a lot from doing it. This is the first time I worked on a birch panel and I liked it! I may do the rest of the collection for the exhibit in birch panels. Back in the day, I used plywood. Birch has a much softer feel to it…solid…and light. I’m not giving up on canvass. I still love the feel of painting on it. I may mix it in with this collection…see how I feel.

In any event, I hope you can make it to the exhibition and don’t forget to like me on Facebook.

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