When It Rains, It Pours!

I read a tweet today that said “If you ask, and intend…the universe really does give you what you need.” — @scottevandavis

And it couldn’t be more true today. Now that I am writing this, I thought, it must have been a sign. How fitting?!

En route home tonight, whilst stuck in traffic, I opened my email on my phone. (I know I’m bad, but this is not really about that. Besides, we were at a halt – literally!). To my surprise, I received an email from Gallery 1313’s The Canadian Landscape curator Phil Anderson regarding my submission for the exhibition they are holding at Gallery 1313; indicating that they have accepted my submission and selected three out of the four photos I submitted. Excitement and anticipation filled me and being stuck in traffic no longer mattered. You can’t imagine how big this is for me! I guess if you are an artist, you’d know…but you know what I mean. I just started out revisiting my artist self and I can’t believe things are rolling so fast. I even had doubts when I submitted my work that they are not good enough. But now I am glad I did. And it paid off.

In any event, I have posted the event on the Event page of my web site and also on Facebook. So if you “liked” my Facebook page, you’d get the event info there. I will post pictures from the reception on my Facebook page so make sure you visit there.


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