The Canadian Landscape Exhibition at Gallery 1313 will be opening its doors tomorrow for the public. I am so excited to finally have my new work displayed in a gallery. This has to be a start of something good…I hope. Interestingly, it is also a whole month away to my next exhibition at the Artscape Triangle Gallery in November. But lets not take the thunder from the exhibition opening tomorrow. I am waiting in anticipation; I gotta admit.

Nerves? What nerves. I don’t think I am nervous anymore although this is my first exhibition in a very…very…very long time and my first group exhibition (I had been showing my stuff on my own in the past). I am confident about my work and I hope people will like it. I mean, Phil Anderson, the curator at Gallery 1313 felt they were good enough to be displayed and included in the exhibit it. When I dropped it off, the staff at the gallery thought they were wonderful. Wait, and so did the guys at the photo lab where I had it printed. So I think I am in good company. I hope my fellow artists thinks so too. The artist’s reception is on Thursday. I think I am more nervous about that than my work being on display. But I am also excited to meet the other artists and looking forward to it.

Interestingly, my business cards (is that what artists call them too?) came in the mail today and I am glad. I was nervous it wasn’t going to arrive on time since I ordered them on Sunday night.

Thanks to for rushing my order. I love them! I’m ready to hand them out on Thursday to fellow artists and patrons of the gallery. I hope they contact me and buy some work (an artist always hopes).

I can’t wait until Thursday. I will post how it all goes. ’til then!



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