Gallery 1313 – The Canadian Landscape Reception

Wow, what a night! The Canadian Landscape Exhibit reception was on Thursday night and what a night, indeed!

I haven’t done any group exhibitions in the past (mainly show on my own) and this was certainly quite an experience. I didn’t really know what to expect and how people will like my work (pictured above)…but there they are on all their glory…on display at Gallery 1313 until October 14.

The gallery was buzzing with the other artists, friends, family, the media, and patrons of the gallery. I wasn’t nervous, per se, but I was anxious and curious as to how my photographs will be received by the crowd. Good reviews, if I say so myself, and a lot of “wow, really?” comments. Let me explain if you didn’t already know.

In a nutshell, all three photos were shot with my iPhone. Yup, with a mobile phone. They didn’t turn out so bad measuring 18X22 prints. I wish you could see them in person; people were looking at them up close to see the pixelation, and then they stepped back and say, “wow, it looks like a painting”. I am guessing that is the “attraction” of my photos. But I’m really glad people liked it. I was hoping that I would meet commercial photographer Nigel Dickson whose work was also on display in this group exhibition. Can you believe it? I am in the same league as someone who has photographed American First Lady Michelle Obama among other celebrities! I did well, if I say so myself.

In all seriousness, I am truly humbled for having this opportunity to  showcase my work with very talented and established Canadian artists, and I hope that I get invited to more exhibitions in the future.

Here is the link to Gallery 1313’s Facebook page where you’ll find photos from the reception.


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