Three Days Away

This City is three days away.

I am exited, nervous and anxious [all] at the same time. Is that possible? Just a mixed emotion, I guess.

There is still so much to do including completing two more paintings for this exhibition. This is the hard part, I’ve changed the collection for the exhibit so much that I have run out of time to complete it. No worries, I know I will pull through. I work amazingly well under pressure.

But aside form paintings, I still have to finish my CV for the exhibition, a new headshot (if I can get one at all) and an Artist’s Statement. Gosh, I still have so much to do before Saturday. Then there is the whole business of framing the paintings I did on paper. I don’t have to frame the ones I did on canvass. I like showing them as is.

In any event, if you haven’t penciled the date in on your calendars, mark it now! November 3rd at 6:30pm to 11pm is the reception at Artscape Triangle Gallery (38 Abell Street). We have also extended gallery hours to open on Sunday, November 4th from 10am to 6pm. Hope to see you there!


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