FILL’ER UP Group Exhibition Sketchbook Challenge 2016


This year, upon returning to Canada, I responded to a challenge to participate in a group exhibition at Earl Selkirk Gallery.

What’s the challenge?

In the month of March, get the motivation to be creative and make Art to get you through the winter slump by filling up unfinished sketchbook(s). Start sketching. Start painting. Start writing. Start making time for yourself to do anything that YOU choose to be your creative outlet. And do it every day. Every. Day.

So. I. Did.


I chose to show just one page of my sketchbook but I have sketched and painted every day. Mine is the one with the old lady portrait pencil sketch.

I took on an extra challenge and decided to do watercolours when I chose to paint. I am a horrible watercolorist, and I’d be first to admit that, but I got pretty good at it by the end of the challenge. Practice does make perfect! You can see select pages from my sketchbook on my Facebook page. Like my page while you are at it, will you? 🙂

Below is the list of artists that participated in the exhibition.


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