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Across Canada

Collection Title: Across Canada
Circa 2011-2012
Note: I am currently working on a photo book about my trek across Canada in 2011. The slideshow you see in the background are selections from the photo book. Canada is a beautiful country; both geographically and people. Still looking for funding for this book, so if you are willing to help out with costs, let me know. Funding is always welcome.


Collection Title: Unknown
Circa 1994
Note: I liked working on large canvasses so these were oversize paintings. There was a piece in this collection that measured 8 ft by 12 ft. There were 7 pieces in this collection, however, many of them had been destroyed in storage. These are the only ones that are still around.


Body Parts

Collection Title: Bodies
Circa 1995
Note: This collection was also on large canvasses. There were 5 pieces in this collection, however, many had been destroyed in storage. There is only one piece left called “Eye” in this collection. It hangs in my living room.

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